About Us

The Peepal Tree (Ficus religiosa), also known as the Buddha tree, boasts its origins in the venerable lands of the Indian sub-continent, commanding profound reverence across India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal. An esteemed relic of antiquity, it stands as an emblematic arboreal figure, its presence etched onto the annals of human depiction – an ancient Mohenjodaro seal immortalizes the tree’s worship.

Beneath the sheltering canopy of the Peepal Tree, Gautama Buddha himself is said to have attained the pinnacle of enlightenment. Within this sacred shade, discourse and deliberation flourished, perhaps accompanied by moments of lighthearted repartee.

Under the Peepal Tree logo

As its mission, Under The Peepal Tree seeks to disseminate narratives that traverse the global tapestry through the art of translation. Our goal is to present the world’s most captivating authors, skillfully transcribed by virtuosos of their craft. We ardently espouse the belief that the translation of literature serves as a gateway to enhanced intercultural comprehension, fostering dialogue amidst diverse societies. Under The Peepal Tree stands as a modest stride towards this monumental endeavor.

Behold our emblem, adorned with vibrant speech bubbles bedecked in the quintessential hues of the Olympic spectrum – a vivid testament to our resolute dedication in curating translated masterpieces spanning the linguistic spectrum of the world.