About Us

The peepal tree (Ficus religiosa or Buddha tree) is native to the Indian sub-continent and is widely revered in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal. It is arguably also one of the first trees to be depicted anywhere; one seal discovered at Mohenjodaro depicts the peepal tree being worshipped.

Under the peepal tree, Gautama Buddha is said to have found enlightenment and perhaps may have even preached. Under the peepal tree, there was discussion and debate and maybe even some light-hearted banter.

Under The Peepal Tree will bringĀ  you stories from around the world by publishing books in translation. It is our endeavour to bring to you the most exciting authors translated by the best in the art. We hope that these books will introduce you to new cultures and civilizations. We strongly believe that the translation of books can help us understand each other better and encourage dialogue between diverse cultures. Under The Peepal Tree is a small step in that direction.

Under the Peepal Tree logo

Our logo, with speech bubbles in the five Olympic colours, underlines our commitment towards publishing translated works from languages across the world.